Drugging Undruggables

We understand that true scientific achievement arises from the fusion of knowledge and experience, insight and wisdom. Drawing from a rich blend of experience garnered from both the experimental lab and life's lessons, our dynamic team is committed to pioneering breakthroughs in areas previously deemed challenging or non-viable, with the ultimate aim of rekindling hope for patients and their families.
Recent Stories
  DigmBio at Bio International Convention 2024

During the 2024 Bio International Convention in San Diego, DigmBio engaged in discussions about business partnerships and collaborations with international pharmaceutical companies.
With Dr. Zinnia Xu, ORIC Pharmaceuticals
Spring Workshop 2024

Team spirit soared as colleagues reconnected and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.
  DigmBio at BioKorea 2024

DigmBio showcased its innovative pipeline at Bio Korea 2024.